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Making Notes

Banking & Finance

Financial Paradigm Shift

A "paradigm shift" is taking place in the world of Finance. We live in interesting financial times, from Central Banking experiments, regulatory changes to FinTech disruption... TARCO aims to help you derive the right Principles and concrete solutions to navigate the challenges ahead.

Discussing the Numbers

Risk Management

Liquidity Risk

We believe the next big Risk topic will be Liquidity Risk in the world's financial markets. The Bond Market structure seems particularly vulnerable to this issue... Structured products (ETFs, CDOs, MBS...) are often wrongly taken-care of from a risk management perspective by disregarding the lack of liquidity of the products composing such products...



New Banking Business Model

Banking and Finance will operate under a new digital business model. TARCO can help you to create a competitive offering centered around better client interaction in the digital age. From UI design in e-banking to CRM solutions, we can help you keep your competitive advantage and build on it to create a new wave of growing opportunities.

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Blockchain, AI & FinTech

Disrupt or prepare to be Disrupted

We are forming a series of Partnerships with Blockchain technology experts, AI professionals and FinTech disrupters in order to provide you with the best collaborative solutions, advisory services and latest technological expertise. Get in touch and we will gladly support you in finding the best solution for your ambitious goals.

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